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Group of Organic Farmers (ICS)

Group Certification (ICS= Internal Control System) :

ICS is a quality system, within the group which acts as a miniature certification body dealing with internal inspection and approval, it consists of Internal Quality System Manager, Internal inspector, Approval manager & committee, Field officers, purchase officers, Warehouse manager and processing manager etc., applies to Producers groups, farmer cooperatives, processing units etc.

Advantages of ICS :

  1. Certification charges can be saved for small and very small farmers/operators.
  2. Farmers are exposed to the latest production technologies through trainings.
  3. Savings in processing and storage.
  4. Exporters and Traders get the required volumes in a specific location, which in turn helps the small farmers to get better pricing and easy marketing.


Minimum requirement for Group Certification:

  1. The Group shall have legal status and registered as a single entity.
  2. Farmers in the Group shall be living within a Geographical Proximity area and follow similar production system.
  3. The Group shall have a minimum of 25 members and maximum of 500 members.
  4. Inspection of all areas by the Internal Inspectors shall be done before the inspection by External Certification Body.
  5. Following staff has to be appointed for smooth functioning of the Group ;
  •     Internal Quality System Manager
  •     Internal Inspectors
  •     Approval Manager/Committee
  •     Field Officers
  •     Purchase Officers
  •     Warehouse Manager
  •     Processing Manager
  1. Records to be maintained for the Group Certification (ICS) :
  •   Contract – Members within in the Group have to sign a contract (Agreement) regarding adaptation and following of Organic Certification   Standards.
  •   Organic Farm Management Plan (Seed to Sale) – Farm History, Farm Map, Receipts (Purchase/Sale), Over View Map, etc.,
  •   Farm Dairy:
  1. Internal Standards – shall be prepared in local language.
  2. Trainings have to be given to all the Members/Staff.
  3. A minimum of two inspections shall be conducted annually by the Internal Inspectors.


Documents/Information Required for Registration:

  •  Legally registered copy of the group
  •  PAN Card in the name of the group
  •  Aadhar Card of the responsible person of the group
  •  Photo of the responsible person of the group
  •  Grower list (Name of the Farmer, Name of the Father, Village, Survey No., GPS readings of the land, Date of last use of prohibited substance  in  the field, Date of agreement between farmer and the group)
  •  Route map from the place of group located to Office of KSOCA, Bengaluru with distance (Km)

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