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                 National Seed Certification                             OECD Seed Certification (International)             Organic Certification (NPOP & PGS Organic Certificaton)                      Right to Information (RTI)

1. Form 1 Application 1. OECD Certification Charges 1) NPOP Organic Certification  2) PGS Organic Certificatiion  1. RTI- Contact Details 
2. Unit Registration 2. OECD Certification Application Forms  a. NPOP Certification Procedure   a. PGS Certification Procedure 2. RTI-4(1)(a)  4(1)(b)
3. Firm registration  3. OECD Certification Procedures  b. NPOP Fee Structure   b. PGS Fee Structure  
4. Seed Act-1966 4. Guidelines for Control Plot Tests  I) Individual Farm:   I) Individual Farm:  
5. Seed Rules-1968 5. Rules & Regulations of OECD scheme  i. Application Form   i. Application Form  
6.  Seed Control Order-1983 6. Hand Book of OECD Certification  ii. System Plan   ii. System Plan  
7.  Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards   iii. Certification Contract   iii. Certification Contract   
8. Fee Structure of Seed Certification    iv. Renewal Application Form   iv. Renewal Application Form  
     II) ICS/Group:  II) Local Group (LG):  
     i. Application Form  i. Application Form  
     ii. System Plan  ii. System Plan  
     iii. Certification Contract   iii. Certification Contract  
      iv. Renewal Application Form   iv. Renewal Application Form  
     v. Approved Farmer List    
     III) Wild Collection (WC):  III) Large Contiguous Area:  
     i. Procedure for WC   i. Application Form   
     ii. Application Form  ii. System Plan  
     iii. System Plan  iii. Certification Contract  
     iv. Certification Contract  iv. Renewal Application Form  
     IV) Input Approval:  IV) Processing and Handling:  
     i. Application Form  i. Application Form for Processing  
     ii. System Plan ii. Application Form for Handling   
     iii. Certification Contract iii. System Plan for Processing   
    iv. Input Description Sheet  iv. System plan for Handling  
      v. Contract for Processing & Handling   
    V) NPOP Operator List V) PGS Operator List  
    VI) NPOP Discountinued Operator List  VII) PGS-India Operating Manual  
     VII) NPOP Suspended Operator List  VIII) PGS-India Standards  
      IX) PGS Non-Compliance Guidelines  
      X) Complaints of Appeals  

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